Can i change the table format of the resultset post aggregation?


Hi All,

I’ve been trying to figure how to get the count of the events for each individual fields and get it displayed by the events as a row while the fields stay the same as columns but the result is the count for each event.

I have tried using count_unique for each field name but did not get desired results.

Example: How do i get from the first table on the top to the table on the bottom as shown?

John Sam Peter
a a a
a b b
b b c
c c c
a b c
John 2 1 1
Sam 1 2 1
Peter 1 1 2


Hi Micaz!!
If you are expecting the columns in table 2 to appear in your result set, I am afraid its not possible. However, you can try using a 3 level aggregation such as: count_unqiue $Field1, $Field2, $Field3

and populate its data in a table within the desired format in a Report. I think it should work that way, but I don’t think you can convert rows to columns or do a row transformation in the search console itself.

What use case are you trying to achieve with this??