Can I install DNIF on my laptop? I want to try it out


I have just subscribed to the FreeForever plan , just a quick question, can I install DNIF on my laptop which has 250GB HDD/ 4GB RAM/ i5 (3rd gen) processor?

I am planning to install DNIF on one of my older laptops and want to setup log forwarding from devices in my home network so that I can monitor them…


I had installed A10 setup on my personal laptop with almost similar setup, only the HDD was 500GB and it worked fine. Although, the number of devices which were forwarding logs to my setup were only 2 (one windows laptops and another laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 OS within my network)

However, I would suggest you go through the pre-requisites document carefully…if you are just trying to get a hang of things within DNIF then its fine…just make sure your RAM usage is low … it should help you get through your home setup :grinning:


Even I have tried installing A10 on my laptop with almost same specs…only with 8 gigs of RAM :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: with log forwarding from 2 laptops although this setup was created just for a simple project, I had my setup live for only 2 days…it should work for you…just make sure you have enough RAM and no issue with ports…