Connection unsuccessful


From the Management menu, click Connections .

In the Source Address field, enter your Data Source IP address

In the Data Source IP address I have to put my LAN IP address ? I had put that then If I click on connect I get
connection unsuccessful.


Hi @suhans_dev,

Two things:

  • Firstly, Is this the same IP address that is mentioned in the docker-compose.yml file? The IP address needs to be the same in both places(within the docker-compose.yml file and Datastore address).

  • Secondly, If the IP address is the same in the YML file, could you please check if the DNIF instance is running? If “No”, then please make sure you traverse to the directory where docker-compose.yml is and execute the command sudo docker-compose up


Hi @Shea.Dominic

Thanks for the reply.

The IP address in both places(within the docker-compose.yml file and Datastore address ) is same.
Then also the connection is unsuccessful.
The DNIF instance is also running. check the screenshot.


Hi @suhans_dev,

Did you click on the “red” link icon? Did an error crop up?


Hi @suhans_dev, were you able to connect successfully? Feel free to ping back in case this didn’t work.


Hi @ [Shea.Dominic]

I am also facing the same issue of connection unsuccessful after clicking on red link icon.

DNIF server is running and IP address at docker-compose.yml and Datastore address are same.


Hi @mahesh,

Could you please execute and share the output of the command: docker-compose logs once the DNIF instance you have got the instance already running?


Hi @Siddhant ,
Thanks for the reply .

I have uploaded image of logs.

Also the supervisorctl command shows below two services in stopped state initially. if I start them manually the services are moving into EXITED state as follows

httplistener EXITED Feb 08 11:39 AM
httpslistener EXITED Feb 08 11:39 AM


Hi @mahesh,

Thanks for the screenshots, could you please let me know if the following steps work:

Check the UNET connectivity on datastore server using following command:

If UNET server is not accessible from datastore, it will show the error:”unable to establish SSL

Recommended action:

Check and allow ACL on the firewall if required.


Log into A10 server and access Docker container using ssh.

  1. After allowing the UNET connectivity, Check the UNET connectivity on datastore
    server using the following command:

3 .After establishing connectivity with UNET, restart the din, ingestor services on the
Datastore/A10 using following command:

$ supervisorctl
>restart din ingestor
  1. Try logging into the console.


Hi @Siddhant ,

Thanks for reply.

Connection is successful, I am trying to forward the logs of centos system. I have installed rsyslog and updated the IP address of DNIF server in rsyslog.conf file.
Also added the Linux repository from DNIF repo and synced it with my repo.

However , I can see below error message from CentralLogCollection.log

_ERROR er_collect location: Fetch message: S39W9C - Unable to get Parser <>

datastoreapi.log file shows below error

2019-02-13 18:24:41,169 ERROR WebAPI: trace CJCJ7X - Erro while executing query TransportError(400, u’SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [query_fetch], all shards failed; shardFailures {[dbY5FdZ_TCKX65T4Yn-HyQ][dsdb-20190213][0]: SearchParseException[[dsdb-20190213][0]: from[-1],size[-1]: Parse Failure [Failed to parse source [{“sort”: [{“CNAMTime”: {“order”: “desc”}}], “query”: {“bool”: {“should”: [], “must_not”: [], “must”: [{“range”: {“CNAMTime”: {“gte”: “2019-02-12T12:54:32”, “lte”: “2019-02-13T12:54:32”}}}, {“term”: {“ScopeID”: “AWjmMVNIM4U-pGX7V_sW”}}]}}, “from”: 0, “size”: 100}]]]; nested: SearchParseException[[dsdb-20190213][0]: from[-1],size[-1]: Parse Failure [No mapping found for [CNAMTime] in order to sort on]]; }]’)
2019-02-13 18:24:41,171 ERROR WebAPI: trace Report UnknownError in _fetch
2019-02-13 18:24:41,171 ERROR WebAPI: trace Report UnknownError in _fetch

Can you please help me resolve this issue ?


Hi Mahesh,

Good to hear that the connection was established successfully. However, for the parser, make sure whenever you add a device you select the appropriate log type from the device list as well: Adding devices in DNIF

Let me know if this works…