DNIF Adapter status


Hello Team,

Is there any way to monitor DNIF Adapter down alert or any mechanism to manage the Adapter via online.


Hi @pravin_singh, you can create alerts and monitor key metrics in Dashboard for Adapter “Health Status” (resource utilisation like memory, CPU and storage) and “Queue Status” (Inqueue and outqueue) of your DNIF deployment.


Thanks @Micaz. after A10 health status package gets syncronized locally, i am able to see all metrics value in dashboard. however, can you please let me know whether this dashboard is only made for ADAPTER (for A10) or can we use for data store and correlator as well.

ignore typo mistake.

Pravin Singh


Hi @pravin_singh - the associated metrics represents the overall health status of the A10 setup that comprises of AD, DS and CR all in one system.