DNIF KONNECT Meetup - 16th May 2019


@everyone We’re back with yet another #DNIFKonnect virtual #meetup :partying_face::partying_face: and thank you guys for making the previous one a grand success :partying_face:

This time we have some interesting topics to talks about:

  • Introduction to malware persistence techniques.
  • Strategies to detect backdoor malware.
  • Introduction to user behavior analytics.
  • Classifying malicious IP using machine learning.
  • User behaviour analytics using machine learning.
  • Introduction to threat validation.
  • Process whitelisting with a threat validation plugin like VirusTotal.

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@Siddhant can we get recording of yesterday sessions.


Hello @everyone,

We are live with the recording of the DNIF Konnect session :partying_face: :sparkles: