How can I use Domain Tools plugin?


I can see domain tools on the integrations page, but how do i use or integrate it with DNIF? Is this plugin free or paid?


Hey @Riccardo
Here is a guide for domain tools -


Hi there - did you manage to install the plugin? Ping back if you’d be interested in knowing more about our Domaintools integration, we can schedule a session and talk more about the active validation usecases we have with them.


@shomiron - yes I was able to integrate, just going through the available functions. Would it make more sense to have the plugin integrations available as packages on DNIF Cloud, where it could be synced and used directly?


Love that comment - yes it would make complete sense to have that plugged into a package.

The best way I think would be a pop on the screen that says - hey you need these plugs to get this to work, wanna fetch them in? - this should go run get the latest and update the existing… now the challenge, its expected for the users to have these API keys ready, without which these plugs will not work.