How many variables/fields are required for profiling?


Hello folks,

I wanted to know as to how many variables does it take DNIF to perform profiling/ learn and predict. Is there a set number of fields on which profiling happens?

Also how does a profile learn/predict?



Could you explain what exactly are you trying to do?

Profiling in general, refers to concept of identifying the normal behaviour or usage pattern of a system or a user. If you could give a brief idea of what you are trying to do, maybe I could help you better???


Hey John,

Learn and predict? as far as I know, a profile just keeps on getting updated or fine-tuned with details pertaining to certain characteristics of a device or user. Its like dynamic baselining, however I would be eager to know about the use case which you want to implement :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Thanks guys for the insight, I was being vague here, as I wanted to get a brief idea as to how DNIF does profiling, any documentation on that?


Hi @John.Elron, may be this could help --> Ebook- 5 Most Effective Security Automation Playbook


Thanks @Jessica.Connor, @John.Elron - Hope the ebook helps, if not, feel free to send me a ping back and we could discuss it further :smile: