How to use regex


Hi Team,

Do we have any idea on how to use regex to extract keyword from parser field.


Hi @pravin_singh,

Here is a help guide on _checkif query directive along with the details on how to use regex - Guide to _checkif query directive.

Let me know, if this helps :blush:


got it. it seems like we have old version of dnif 7.3.3. and regex is supported on 7.8 version.


@pravin_singh yup - BTW if you are looking forward to upgrading here is a help guide for the same: How to update DNIF Image

Also, if you are looking forward to a list of enhancements and features that the higher releases offer, check out our release page - Release Notes


Thanks Siddhant. so if i need to update DNIF images A10 then should i need to specify ```
docker pull image-name[:TAG] where tag name should be: dnif/ship-a10:7.8 version. and do we need to take backup of all reports, packages while upgrading the docker images.


@pravin_singh - could you kindly let me know your existing version as well as the version you want to update to?