I am trying to use two conditions via two where clauses, can I do this way?


Use count by with multiple where clauses

I’d like to get the search values based on two where clauses.


  1. where count_unique > 750

Timeslice by 1hr


  1. where count_unique <= 750

Timeslice by 1hr

Is something along these lines possible to do within one search?


Hi @Abdus,

Just to clarify further, would like to combine two conditions in one query? If you do so, this is logically in correct as, then it will show required stats for values of count_unique less than 750 and greater than 750…which is basically 0 to (whatever is the max value)…


@Mark.Perche - Thanks for the reply.

Agreed. Maybe two pipelined queries with required resultset for both the conditions?


Hey @Abdus, here is a tutorial to help you with relational operators - Using relational operators in DNIF