Need to create report with multiple fields


Hi Team,

Im trying to create a report with multiple fields with count details. So I tried giving the necessary fields after group count_unique. But faced an error "in _fetch function count_unique only takes a maximum of 2 arguments"

Kindly help with the query to fetch the logs with multiple fields.



Hi Yamini,

In fetch function you can use maximum 4 fields for count_unique.
the message showing maximum 2 fields is for _agg function to aggregate the data.

Please share actual use is if you need further help.



I want to create a report with multiple fields(Including Count). But as per DNIF document we can’t able to give fields more than 4 in count_unique function.

Is there any other way (Any Query) to get a report with multiple fields.

Please find the attachment for your reference.



Hi Yamini,

As of now we can only accommodate 4 fields, please create multiple charts to achieve the same.