Supervisorctl services in FATAL mode


Hi Team,

We have installed A10 setup. docker images are are up and

running fine. but supervisorctl services are goes in FATAL mode. attached is snap for the same.


redius and elasticsearch are also running fine for me


Hi @pravin_singh, as the nameserver is fatal, request you to please verify if the IP Address of the DS (it might have changed), to help you with the same, PFB a list of checks for your reference:

There are times when you might have installed your A10 on a specific host address, and then you are required to change your host address.

Steps below take you through the steps to change your host address.

  • Change your directory to /dnif considering this is where your installation was carried out, you should see a file called docker-compose.yml in the folder.

    $ cd /dnif

  • Bring down your docker container:

    $ sudo docker-compose down

  • Edit your docker-compose.yml file and set the new IP.

  • Change your directory to {Deploy-Key}/csltuconfig, the deploy key was used in the docker-compose.yml it should look something like bkw9uyhP7GqlAjMP.

    $ cd bkw9uyhP7GqlAjMP/csltuconfig

  • Edit the Pyro file and replace host and nhost fields with the new host address:

    $ vim Pyro

File contents to be modified are as follows:

{"Pyro": {"nameserver": {"nhost": "", "host": "", "key": ""}}}
  • Edit the system file and replace the localip with the new host address:

    $ vim system

    {"system": {"localip": "", "retention": 45, "systemid": "AWhrlUg3M4U-pGX7BlJx", "ScopeList": ["AWhrlUg6M4U-pGX7BlJz"], "shardcount": 1}}
  • Up your docker container with your new IP address:

    $ cd /dnif
    $ sudo docker-compose up -d 



Thanks For support

now its working fine we are getting log on console but we are facing same issue on another services please check the below snap




waiting your reply sir


@Onkar - Can you let me know which version you are on?