Unable to fetch logs


Hi Everyone,

I recently forwarded my Cylance syslog traffic to DNIF…but I couldn’t see any logs in Seach.

Please help me to fix this issue.


Hi @Arjun

Could you please let me know the status for the following:

  • Check if your DNIF Docker container is in running state or not?
  • Check for all the services running status.
  • Can you verify using “tcpdump” if the logs are being forwarded to the DNIF Adapter IP?


Hi Riccardo,

Thank you for your reply.

Actually My Cylance is hosted in the cloud.

Could you please briefly assist me with what I have to do now?

Also when i gave this command " tcpdump -D" it show everything is in up.


@Arjun - could you use tcpdump on port 514 and check if events are being forwarded from the desired IP address (Cylance device)?