Unable to see logs in console


We have a 2-week demo of the use case which we are trying to implement. It is regarding powershell script execution, windows account monitoring…etc… But the NXlog is not working. How do we troubleshoot this?


Hi @Kishimoto, I would recommend restarting the nxlog service:

Open the Services tool in the Start menu, find nxlog in the list, and then restart the service.

…wait for a minute for it to start, then run # tcpdump -n -v -i any udp port 514 -vvv -c 1 to see if data is being populated post command execution…

Let me know if this works…


Whether log is being forwarded from your machine, can also be checked via wireshark, the only condition being whether wireshark is a compliant application within your organisation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: