View results for last 24 hours, by hourly basis


Hey folks!

I m, pretty new to DNIF, so far i’m loving it and i was able to find an answer for every query i had via community, support or just the general it-makes-sense UI :smiley:

i have a good query that gives me a count of all Errors that happened in the last 24, can i break it up to hours?

to clarify what i’m asking, what i’m seeing now is:

Errors - 5000

i would like to see how many happened each hour

like Errors first hour - 59

errors second hour - 50

just to break it up by Hours, to see where my peak is…

Hope its clear enough, and hope its doable, i’m sure it is.


You can use the 'timeslice; function, here is the help guide on the same --> Using timeslice function